IDPs community condemned Taban Deng of ill-attempt on Machar’s life, call for inclusive and swift process of revitalization of 2015 collapsed peace

Press Release
South Sudanese IDPs Community
Republic of South Sudan
Juba – South Sudanese IDPs communities sheltering inside the UNMISS-Juba’s PoCs are deeply disturbed by the news of reoccurring eradication attempts on Riek Machar ‘life. The move perpetuated in concomitant with Taban Deng and Lol Gatkuoth both opportunists from Juba-base government. Hence, with this public statement, we the IDPs communities of different Sites throughout the country, are strongly sending a message of criticism leveled against the two de facto politicians (Taban Deng Gai and Lol Gatkuoth) allied to Salva Kiir. With all their political frivolousness in the current bloodiest war in South Sudan, this message is to apprise them (Taban and Lol) to reconsider and doom their own actual accomplishment of generating confusion to the people of this country. More stories can be cited to tell about these particular political prostitutes (Taban&Lol) who has nothing to provide then to consume in expense of an innocents’ blood through immoral acts of conspiracies.
 Leaving behind the shifty legacies which they (Taban and Lol) has in the history of this country; their roles in the country ‘political decays for the past ten years is what refeating itself today. And, when looking into the games which they are playing, we chose to remains scaptical of any efforts to be made to meet the interests of the people of South Sudan. The more concerns are given to their roles in the current mess by Salva Kiir’s tribal government of Juba; the sluggish and ineffectiveness of the South Sudan ‘peace guarantors (IGAD, AU, UN and the Troika), plus many others setback, including unjustified sturdy of Juba-bases government not to permits smooth and constructive negotiation.
Beside that, lack of any realistic approaches to Taban’s issue has provided this controversial opportunist (Taban) with spaces to continue unscrupulous business as usual.
More recently, Taban with aids from evil-wishers, they have stretched to the extent of forecasting an assassination attempt on the life of the people ‘leader-Dr. Riek Machar in South Africa. Taban and his conspirators endeavored to uses the illegal fugitive live of Dr. Machar as opportunity to pays those desperate high profiles criminal with South Sudanese money to murder him. A deed which has been noticed with concerns that prompted us to reacts. Meanwhile, our reaction in UNMISS Protection of Civilian Sites is all reproachful of the attempts. This is because, resorts to political assassination of a prominent leader like Riek Machar is showing that, those of the Taban’s likes ( people betrayals) are still resisting an orderly change that citizens of this country yearning for after four years of anguish due to the ongoing devastated conflict.
 Juba is not for peaceful resolution of the conflicts and, therefore, we the IDPs communities throughout the country are calling for peace before the nation get completely collapsed. Peace is for the interests of allowing innocents citizens uprooted from their homes to return back.
However, the effect of conflicting interests, lack of proper attention by the international community, numerous aspects of partisans’ role of the so-called- South Sudan peace patrons (IGAD, AU, UN and the Troika has made several efforts and possibilities madly producing low impacts. The real needs of the people of South Sudan remains unaddressed; hope continue shattering; lives of citizens from bad to worsening part of it; and, majority gave up to all these attempts to remedy for peace.
For us in the United Nation Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) Protection of Civilian Sites throughout the country, we are calling for all those words translated into reality. That prompted us to demands for:
  1. Unconditional release of Dr. Riek Machar from illegal confinement in South Africa to participated in remedy for peace revitalization.
  2. Inclusion of the IDPs and others victimized groups of South Sudan in revitalization forum is highly needed and demanded for its realization before the process kickoff in midst December, 2017. This call go to the South Sudanese peace guarantors ( IGAD, AU, UN and the Troika) which are in this process seen as the forces behind the actual implementation of the true deal.
  3. Inclusive partaking and representation by all the parties in process of revitalization forum within favorable environment and,  in an auspice of a neutral bodies.
  4. Justice and reconciliation that need the perpetrators of all those human rights violation and crimes committed against humanity to account for their various deed towards the people of this country.
Mr: Gatkhor Gebrial Duol
Camp Chairman

Categories: Nuer, SPLA-IO, TGoNU

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