Acted office vandalised by angry IDPs of POC in Juba after they failed to meet US ambassador to UN Nikki Haley.

Juba – the internal displaced persons(IDPs) in the protection of civilian site(POC) stormed the office of  humanitarian organization known as ACTED. The office was vandalised, computers and other valuable items were destroyed by the angry demonstrators. 

 UN police intervened and fired a teargas to disperse the demonstrators.

According to some IDPs members contacted by wangdunkon media this evening, number of people from protection of civilian site (POC) came out in a big number to receive US ambassador to UN and to deliver a message to her

Ambassador to united nation visited Juba early today, one of the places she visited was IDP camp near Jebel, according to the information received by wangdunkon media, one person was said to have informed the people that Acted organisation has refused to allow the ambassador to meet the IDPs citing the security that IDPs will kill the ambassador Nikki Haley,  upon hearing the information, people(IDPs) rushed to the acted office and destroyed without taking items from inside .

According to another story, one community leader said , Nikki Haley was  hidden in the office and was told not to meet the IDPs who gathered in POc community centre to hear what they want or the message they want to deliver to her and some few views from the IDPs.

The Acted organization was accused to be behind the failure of ambassador to meet the people in th camps.

No injury or casualties reported during the storm of the Acted office.

The security situation has been restored.

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