SPLA-IO spokesman Lam Kuei Lam passed on yesterday in  Khartoum.

Khartoum– Dr. Riek Machar’s press officer was reported to have died yesterday night.  The cause of his death is not disclosed as postmortem report not released.
Lam was appointed last year by the leader of opposition Dr. Riek Machar as official spokesperson in the office of the chairman when James Gatdet Dak was kidnapped in Kenya by government of south Sudan agents to Juba.

Its really sad news to all IO supporters across the globe.

Lam was a professional freelance journalist, he worked with various media outlets before he was appointed as press officer for IO leadership under Dr.Riek Machar early this year.

More about his death will follow when wangdunkon media has all the details.

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  1. It is very horrible and shocked news about his untimely death of young comrade Lam Kuey Lam, may God bless the family and friends as well as the entire society for loosing this great country’s young journalist. May God rest his soul in eternal Peace R. I. P.


  2. It’s really sad news to us across the globe, the death of press secretary officer Lam Kuei Lam .the cause of his death is not clear actually.