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 Media is a voice for the voiceless.

By Pal Chol

 Media is a search for the truth.It is about speaking for the people without any form of discrimination.

In places infested with iron-fist system of rule, truth telling in the continent is the major cause of death besides epidemics.There are many people who have given up life in the hands of ruthless dudes who say they are protecting individuals.They did not choose to die.Believers live knowing that it is inevitable to die but media related death is too premature.Those who speak out end up tortured, put behind bars or forced to flee the country for their safety. 

There are,of course, ocassions when the writers overstepped their limitations. Instead of writing within the remits of journalism and expressions of opinions,they attack personalities which is unethical.

There are overlapping expressions of opinions piercing deep into people’s hearts.The targets of criticisms, more often than not,are the politicians; they are the decision makers.They make veiled and wrong decisions for which they take no responsibility.That is what kills people. Writers at times collide with those in positions of authority when their failures are aired out.They become bitter and malicious. You can now see that some Governors do not spend a year in office for maladministration,nepotism, favouritism, corruption and such like.

They think they know it all and do not want to hear from anybody else.They don’t get along with their members of cabinets and the legislatures.They suffer from delusions of grandeur and  illusive when the President appoints them.

They exploit the state of emergency to settle their old political scores with their tribesmen and 2010 elections opponents;they exercise much leverage and at liberty to mistreat at will, eat people’s money and marry many wives.The notion behind the creation of the states was to take the  services to the people.The designers call it a decentralised system.

Most of the States are unstable; administrative and security wise.I challenge those who would come out to say the services have reached the people and that they live in peace. Note,when and if  there is no peace,do not expect much on the side of the development.I am bewildered that the state ministers and the lawmakers have no transport.They reside in hotels and at each others’necks with the owners of hotels for not paying the rent.They walk to work on foot like us,the underprivileged. They have no privileges as it used to be then with the previous governments.Our country is resourceful but we are impoverished by our own failures.There are no policy statements of any given Ministry having been heard of.The parliament has been summoning Ministers to explain their policies; but they refuse and lean against the walls of J1.

I could recall that some people were appointed and fired without putting on their walls the organizational structures of their Ministries , leave alone projects planning as to what will be done.Is that not a shame?Not because they don’t know but they have no financial means of doing so.The National Governement has a hand in the state failures.When you increase the number of  states , you make sure you render a support.

Misunderstand it for incitement but there will come a time when you will agree with me.We need services.While I know that leaders in Africa do not require popular support for winning elections, because they do it military way;at least they are supposed to flatter us.It is better to rig elections with services rendered. That will then serve as a platform to lie that one has delivered something. Clever rulers for life develop their countries.They train their civil service and professionalise their armies and other security organs.

They provide maximum security and pay salaries on time.They encourage farming and other essential basic necessities.That earns them a bit of popularity.If any of the above is absent, then it is better to leave us at the mercy of our creator.

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