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Article by Nhial Biel Lok 

International community should know that confinement of SPLM IO chairman and visionary leader Dr.Riek Machar in south Africa is not a solution to this civil war or to this suffering of civil population in south sudan. The July  conspiracy of Taban Deng Gai and President Salva Kiir against Dr. Riek Machar Dhorgon before eyes of international community has resulted in destruction of this greatest nation(South Sudan) in term of lives and infrastructures etc.

Peace without Dr. Riek Machar Dhorgon is not going to hold. IGAD, EU and AU  must keep this in their minds.The point is not about Dr.Riek Personality but because the causes of his strugle is important that is why he has so many supporters from all tribe of south sudan including dinka themselves. 

The root causes of 15 December 2013 need to be addressed, perpetrators must be held accountable for their crimes, the Dead peace agreement needs to be resuscitated, the so called national dialogue is setback so that kiir government prepare itself for the full scale war, therefor it must be cancelled.

If IGAD failed to find a solution to south sudan conflict, the  efforts to bring lasting peace to the country should be handed over to AU .

It has been four years since the conflict erupted in capital Juba till now no progress has been made in finding amicable solution to south sudan conflict under mediation of Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD).more pressure need to be exerted to all warring Parties for peace to prevail in the world’s youngest nation (south sudan).the follow of small arms , machine guns, ammunitions and advance weapons need to be halt. More individual sanctions need to be imposed on everyone seen obstructing peace deal or agreement. 


Inspite of all conspiracy done by president Salva Kiir Miyardit and former SPLM IO Chief negotiator Taban Deng Gai against legitimate first vice president Dr. Riek Machar the people movement(SPLM IO) still don’t recognise Taban Deng as first vice president of south sudan.