Press Release

​SPLM-IO Youth League statement on IGAD Consultation Schedule for Revitalization Forum.

 Press Release 

The SPLM-IO Youth League welcome the IGAD decision of Revitalizing ARCISS. We are wholly guided by the conviction that revitalization of the peace agreement is the only chance South Sudanese have to realize the much needed peace.

 We ask the IGAD to consider some improvement in the manner in which  Consultation schedule for Revitalization forum is formulated. It is our general opinion that the consultation process is limited to a bare formula of Juba bureaucracy in regard to Youth, women, faith base and civil societies.


We wish to proclaim to the IGAD to consider including Youth, Women, Faith base and Civil societies in the SPLM/SPLA(IO) LIBERATED AREAS, AND AS WELL AS OUTSIDE South  Sudan in the consultation schedule. It will be unpardonable mistake to ignore the voices of the Youth, Women faith base and Civil societies in IO control areas, as well as outside the country.


We would like to remind IGAD that, without Youth, women, faith base and civil societies outside South Sudan, and in the SPLM/A(IO) liberated areas in the consultation Schedule, the Peace question risk being formulated on the falsified quotations; it is the Civil society, particularly those outside the country that offer the opportunity to expose those falsifications.


It’s impermissible to ignore their voices in the Revitalization process, for they in principle bring the disputes and contradictions within the bounds of discussion; it is them that protect the truth against the trickery and perfidy of those that want the Nation to continue in the path of war.


The events which led to conflict in 2016 and the subsequent collapse of Peace Agreement were not accidental in nature, they were planned and implanted in every social life of South Sudan. This had created new contradictions, and any position taken without opinion of youth, women, Faith base and civil societies outside South Sudan, and in the IO control areas risk falling victim to those contradictions. 
The other development which is of utmost importance and concern is the divisive step by the regional body in collusion with Salva Kiir’s dicatoral and kleptocratic regime in Juba to treat Gen.Johnson Olony,the Governor of Fashoda State and the Commander of the SPLAIO Special Division as a separate entity.
We shall be left with no option but to strongly conclude that the Region, known for collaborating with the government in Juba in kidnapping and deporting SPLMIO members to be tortured by Kiir’ s tribal National Security, is bent on sowing seeds of discord and to create unnecessary division within the ranks and files of the SPLM/A -IO.
This cheap strategem cannot be condoned by the SPLMIO YL.It is important to reaffirm and tell the world that Gen Johnson Olony is  and will continue to be a loyal and a committed General  to the SPLMIO Leadership under Dr Riek Machar Teny Dhur-gon, the Chairman& Commander in Chief.
In conclusion, the SPLMIO YL is asking for the unconditional inclusion of the said entities in the consultative meetings and as well as refrain from Juba divisive strategy. 
Cde. Puot Kang Chol

Chairman, SPLM -IO

Youth League