CPJ Calls on Government to punish Human Rights Violators bring them to Book.

Juba– ​the centre for peace and Justice (CPJ) applauded the government for admitting the atrocities committed by the armed forces during the protected civil war that erupted in December 2013. The director of CPJ has called upon all the institutions concern to apprehend the perpetrators and bring  them to book for the crimes they have committed.

Enormous atrocities and human rights violation and crimes against humanity have been committed and the perpetrators are still moving freely without facing the laws for the crimes they have committed to the civil population.

The Dircetor of center for Peace and Justice (CPJ) Tito Anthony is calling upon  the government to develop a normative framework and mechanism to deal with the wrongdoers and to discipline the security organs in order to respect the civilians and their properties.

Many civilians have faced numerous challenges since the current war brokout between Machar and Salva kiir forces in Juba.

 Thousands were killed and million more were displaced both internally and externally.

The famine has been declared several times, many people are depending external aid to survive .

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