Press Release

SPLM/A (IO) Yei River State condemns negative propaganda from NAS

Press release

Yei– It came to our knowledge that National Salvation Front (NAS) and her sympathizers are circulating another negative propaganda against SPLM/A (IO) government of Yei River State, with baseless claim that H.E. Matata Frank Elikana, Governor of Yei River State has ordered SPLA-IO forces in Kajo-Keji County to selectively arrest and detain civilians who are members of the Pojulu community. 

This allegation is utterly untrue and is meant to tarnish the good image of the movement. 

SPLM/A (IO) is a disciplined pro-civilian and non-tribal movement that guarantees the general welfare of all South Sudanese citizens living in its liberated territories. The movement provides unhindered movement of all civilians and humanitarian agencies with strict conformity to its rules and regulations. Therefore, it can and shall not victimize the innocent people who it is fighting for.

Nevertheless, it is within the military principles of the movement that any of its soldiers crossing from one location to another without official documents is subject to arrest and return to his/her base of deployment. It is also paramount that our military intelligence necessarily exercises permissible powers to prevent or suppress movement of enemies into our corridors by detecting, arresting, and detaining them as war  criminals since we have no any ceasefire with them as of now. 

We once again condemn such act of agression from NAS towards SPLM/A (IO) and its continuous incitement of tribal and regional sentiments into the national cause for liberation of our citizens from the corrupt, dictatorial and corrupt Juba regime. We also remind NAS and its supporters to immedidiately desist from its politics of verbal attacks on SPLM/A (IO) and to show its declared audacity to topple Juba regime by joining in hands to shoot at least a bullet at the regime forces rather than waging its resistance in rhetorics. SPLM/A (IO) is never the regime in Juba, but a would be ally to any resistance against our common enemy.  

Lt. Col. Wayi Godwill Edward 


Office of the Governor 

SPLM/A (IO) Yei River State.