Press Release

SPLA-IO denies involvement of Uganda rebel in Kaya clashes.

Press Statement

The SPLA IO would like to clarify its position on the misinformation trending some social media outlets in Uganda like the Red pepper and that [Uganda rebels] fought in Kaya-South Sudan.
Such an accusation is false and baseless. The SPLA IO have been defending themselves from the aggressions of the  rogue Juba regime since 2013 until current without foreign aids/military allies.
The SPLA-IO fought the Juba regime in Kaya without the support of any foreign movement. 

The photographs of combatants trending on social media with guns and red ribbons in Kaya were purely SPLA IO wearing their insignia designed for that specific operation.

They were taken by Journalists Siegfried Modola and Goran Tomasovic; the day Christopher Allen was targeted and killed by the Juba regime. Those insignia are subject to constant change. 
The leadership  of the SPLA IO has no knowledge of neither the existence nor operations of the so called “Ugandan rebel” in South Sudan.

The leadership of the SPLA-IO holds the government of Uganda with high esteem and appreciates their efforts to the revitalization of the failed peace agreement as such, the SPLA -IO has no intention to operate/cooperate militarily/politically abroad.
Col. Lam Paul Gabriel

SPLA IO Deputy Military Spokesperson