South Sudan national ​ Parliament Approves new Appointees of Specialised Committees.

Juba- The legislators approved Twenty-five chairpersons and their deputies, who were appointed to the Specialized Parliamentary Committees by the Speaker this Week, putting to rest a stalemate on the matter.

The Committees were dissolved in May to pave way for formation of new leadership that is inclusive of all parties represented in the Parliament as per the Peace Agreement. The appointment procedure became controversial after previous appointees were rejected by MPs on ground that the speaker’s selection criteria were inappropriate and did not reflect regional balance.
The SPLM party leadership then decided to increase the number of parliamentary committees from 18 to 25 in order to accommodate all political parties in line with the signed peace agreement according to Hon. Atem Garang, the SPLM Chief whip.
Rt. Hon. Anthony Lino Makana, the Speaker of TNLA, said the latest appointment was done in coordination with Chief Whips of parties represented in the Assembly and was free, fair and transparent.
List of the new Chairpersons and Deputies
1- Committee on Security, Defence and Public Order

Hon. Daivid Okwier Akuay

Hon. Maker Thion Maal 

2-Committee on Legislations and Justice.

Hon. John Clement Kuc Achol

Hon. Gatluak Ruon Nyuot

3-  Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Hon. Prof George Bureng Nyombe

Hon. Mary Nayrieka Lorjok

4- Committee on Information Communication Technology.

Hon. Paul Yoane Bonju

Hon. Philip Jiben Ogyal

5- Committee on Members, Affairs, Ethics and Integrity

Hon. Martin Tako Moyi

Hon. Mary Nyiyom Lual Kadjok

6- Committee on Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs

Hon. Daniel Dhieu Matuet 

Hon. Mary Puru Michael 

7- Committee on Federal Affairs

Hon. Otim David Paul Okot

Hon. Michael Rwot Koryom

8- Committee on Regional Integration

Hon. Lydia John Jok Chol 

Hon. Aisha Abbas Akuei

9- Committee on Government Assurance: Monitoring, Evaluation and Follow-up

Hon. Grace Amo Alex Abalang

Hon. David Dokori Alili

10- Committee on Labour, Public Service and Human Resources.

Hon. Madut Biar Yel

Hon. Victor Omuho Ohidei

11- Committee on Finance and planning

Hon. Dr. David Nailo Mayo

Hon. Jonathan Jongkuc Kulang

12- Committee on Public Accounts

Hon. Kot Martin Mirich

Hon. Ayak Ngor Athian

13- Committee on Petroleum, Energy and Minning

Hon. James Lual Deng Kuel

Hon. Suzan Peter Machar 

14- Committee on Trade, Industry and Investment

Hon. Kom Kom Geng

Hon. Ayen Luka Ngor

15- Committee on Food Security, Agriculture, Animal Resources and Fisheries

Hon. Deng Tong Kuol

Hon. John Mayual Nyot

16- Committee on Land and Physical Infrastructure 

Hon. Eng. Majok Dut Mwuorwel

Hon. Martha Atong Monsur

17- Committee on Environment, Forestry, Wildlife Conservation and Tourism

Hon. Rejoice Bauda Simon

Hon. Akuot Chan Kawac

18- Committee on Water Resources and Irrigation

Hon. John Gatnyai Thot 

Hon. Leticia Ihure Santino

19- Committee on Constituency Development Fund

Hon. Adeng Leek Deng

Hon. Allajabu Samson Sabur Oryam

20- Committee on Transport, Roads and Bridges. 

Hon. Paul Pur Liah Liew

Hon. Said Saleh Uku

21- Committeee on Gender, Child, Social Welfare and Religious Affairs

Hon. Dr. Martha Martin Dar

Hon. Bernardo Kpasira Martin

22- Committee on Health

Hon. Catherine Peter Laa Ajawin

Hon.Riek Manyiel Ayuel

23- Committee on Education, Research Science and Technology.

Hon. Ahmed Mohamed Musa

Hon. Simon Udum Aye

24- Committee on Culture, Youth and Sports

Hon. David Unyo Demey

Hon. Gege Morris Konyi 

25- Committee on Peace and Reconciliation.

Hon. Imelda Aluel Bol

Hon. Ramadhan Al-Amin Musa

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