Government forces in Maiwut county confined without escape route by SPLA-IO under Dr. Riek Machar. 

Pagak– the government forces had been attacking positions of SPLA-IO in eastern part of upper nile and Jonglei in order to penetrate and capture more territories previously under opposition.
A coordinated multi attacks against opposition forces were countered with huge resistance by the gallant of IO under leadership of Dr. Machar.

Now the govt forces are surrounded and confined in one place, many more soldiers from govt side were killed and some were captured alive according to the officials on the ground.

According to IO operational commander in eastern upper nile , there is no escape route for the confined forces, no supply and no reinforcements that will come through.

 He further said, SPLA-IO is becoming stronger and stronger again and again,  he said we are ready show the genocidal regime in Juba that our forces will reach your end and free South Sudanese from this kleptocratic system you imposed on people.

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