Acting governor of Bieh State Koang Rambang congratulates 4th brigade of division 8 for defeating govt forces. 

Press release

​The leadership of Bieh State congratulates the 4th brigade, 8th division for job well done. The people of Bieh State have demonstrated their total rejection to genocidal regime and sent a clear signal of how things will be in the coming months. While we, in the SPLM/A – IO believe on peaceful and political solution to the conflict in South Sudan, all options including armed resistance, are still in hand.

To the people of South Sudan, your forces mentioned above ensured that the genocidal regime’s forces learnt their lesson. All their weapons, mounted vehicles were captured.

I hereby declare that Bieh State shall not tolerate acts of aggression and the abuse to the dignity of the people and the land.

Appreciation to diaspora for the support.

God bless you all.

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