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Why exactly do we need SPLM- IO in Juba? If Lol Gatkuoth says that there’s no power struggle in Juba. 

by Kuir E- Garang

SPLM-IO in Juba is actually being used to make people suffer. Its existence is giving the world an impression that ARCISS is being implemented in Juba when there’s basically no IO in Juba, but just a bunch of callous, dollar-intoxicated Jobbists! 

If IO-Taban unites with SPLM now given the fact that there’s nothing they need to ‘oppose’ in Juba, then the call for a different peace initiative would haunt Juba because Taban and Kiir would be seen as one party and they would have no choice. The presence of SPLM-IO-in-Government in Juba is being used as a dangerous, suffering-engendering ruse that ARCISS implementation partners are in Juba.Why are South Sudanese dying and suffering if things are ‘harmonious’ in South Sudan? Why assume that the relationship between politicians translates to peace in the country!? #shame.