Senior political party official rejected SPLM/IO under Taban Deng Gai to participate in nomination of members to East Africa legislative assembly.

Juba–  Senior official whose name was withheld for security reason from registered party in Juba has rejected inclusion of Taban Deng Gai’s movement to participate in the nomination of the members representing South Sudan in east Africa legislative assembly.

Nomination of candidates to East Africa Legislative Assembly is limited to the officially rgisterd political party and Taban Deng Gai’s party isn’t yet registered, therefore IO movement under Taban isn’t recognised or empowered by law to participate in the selection process.

EAC treaty clearly states that only Political parties that are registered by Political party council in Juba are allowed to participate in nomination process not armed Opposition, henece, the involvement of armed movement in EAC is violation of democratic principles that governs the rgional body(EAC).

He further more said, it is time for Taban Deng Gai to face democracy in actions, he warns to stop Taban Deng to involve in activities that need political parties.
In a separate development, IO under Taban is still attacking villages and positions of SPLA/IO under Riek Machar in Maiwut county of Upper Nile state.

Many villages are reported to have been burnt down and civilians are said to have been massively displaced.

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