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The Garang I knew!

By Dr. Luka Biong. The Garang I Knew! Today is special day for the remembrance and honoring our martyrs. On the top of our martyrs is Dr John Garang, the icon of our struggle and the father of our nation. While critics are discounting the selfless sacrifices of SPLM/A that heralded the liberation struggle under the ethical and strategic leadership of Dr John, it remains a historical fact that without the vision and leadership of Dr John South Sudan would have not got its independence. If Dr John were alive and to lead us through the critical projects of state building and nation building of our new state, our country should have been by now exemplary not only in forging national unity but also in playing critical role in championing the agenda of Pan-African movement and African renaissance. If he were to rise up today and to see what is happening to our country and the hijacking and looting of fruits of the selfless sacrifices of our martyrs by few who did not dare to sacrifice for others and always on the wrong side of the history, he would return to his grave in peace and be proud at least that he left a glorious legacy that has been squandered. Despite his disappointment of how we have shattered the dreams of our people, his legacy remains a shining hope that will save us one day and to put our country on the path of peace, stability and prosperity.

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