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Exclusive: Former US Secretary of State Hates South Sudanese rebel leader.

The United States under Former President Barack Obama had been working to keep South Sudanese President Salva Kiir in power and isolate rebel leader Dr. Riek Machar, a current African Union (AU) diplomatic source told wangdunkon media

In an exclusive interview this week,  the source who demanded his identity be submerged for fear of reprisal, said the United States was simply not clear of what to do about South Sudan’s civil war and that Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni was the only person they trust.
“I can tell you there was no peace at that time because of nearly all East African leaders at that time, except Uganda, knew something was wrong. But we were fine since we knew Uganda was a supporter of South Sudan government,” said the source.
“What we have was a very heavy pressure from Obama’s government wanting us to denounce SPLM/A-IO, but it was the beginning of the renewal of old East African conflicts. The man [Kiir} killed thousands of Nuer people in December 2013 and we, in the East African community, knew he [Kerry] was very wrong,” the source said, adding, “We launched public and secret investigations into Juba’s coup claim and what our investigators found was very troubling.”
“That American guy who used to be Secretary of States disliked Riek Machar too much, but we have our own views of Machar, he revealed.
Additionally, the SPLM/A-IO has been critical of the Former US administration over its soft policy towards South Sudanese president.
It is not the first time the SPLM/A-IO implicated the United States in the ongoing civil war.
The armed opposition has been claiming that Former American government was held hostage by both Ugandan and American citizens who were given business deals by Kiir.
One senior rebel official assertively confirmed that “the world must choose between killer Kiir and leader Machar. The opposition leader Dr. Machar had accused Former US Secretary of States of favoring his daughter or his close relative or friend who was awarded a construction business deal by Kiir’s government.