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Just being sentimental

By: Squishy Dee Santos

As nationals of a politically sick nation, we seem to be stack in an unceasing socioeconomic miasma that only deserves shared condemnation. Nevertheless, it’s unjust of many who tend to uncomprehendingly attribute the whole mess to some individuals at the helm of affairs, that is quite a precipitant argument.

The crux of the matter is that those in authority birth a percentile share of the problem, but the citizenry’s trait of unwholesome ignorance is a far reaching exacerbation factor. In other countries, public affairs are tuned to quell public outcry. Something South Sudanese strategic positions’ holders know little about.
It is a fundamental right of a citizen to comment & wail whenever he feels that his livelihood is threaten under certain leadership. Inasmuch as we would want to exclaim our fear and dejection, through propagation of opinions, they ought to be factual, premeditated, well articulated and most importantly consumable by the intended persons without subjectivity. Subjectivity is detrimental & poisonous. The act of expressing your viewpoints with relevance to affairs make one a Commentator.

Fellow countrymen, it is worth noting that our opinions tend to be characteristically shallow and overly opinionated, thus overlooking the truth. Being a Commentator is nothing similar to cattle herding whereby when you feels like looking after your favorite bulls (Mangär, Mabior, Mayòm etc) all you need to do is clasp your stylish stick (atuel) and a bunch of spears (bïïth ku tòòng) and hit the road. Being a Commentator either on social media or any other public panorama demands conscientiousness and conversance with the existing state of affairs. It is a scholarly & articulate work. A knowledge deficient person, under any prevailing circumstances will deduce misinformed and bias judgements. It is with vehemence that i am urging cattle herders (abiòk hòk) to cede this commentary work to those who are blessed in this particular art.

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