Dr. Riek Machar turns down Abel Alier’s appointment request to meet Machar over National dialogue issue. 

South Africa- the chairman of SPLM/IO and commander in chief of the SPLA/IO Dr. Riek Machar has formally rejected the request made by chairman of national dialogue steering committee Abel Alier to meet Machar as part of what he called wider consultation to bring aboard  other opposition forces to join the national dialogue process.

Dr. Machar in a press statement extended to wangdunkon media says, the national dialogue is not important at this moment, the most important step to be taken with immediate effect is the resuscitation of the agreement that collapsed in July 2016.

The ARCISS is the only viable mean to silent guns and bring total peace to the country he added.

Last week, Riek Machar was invited by Uganda president Yoweri Museveni to attend  SPLM reunification follow up meeting, Machar rejected the call and no delegates assigned to attend the meeting from IO  side under Machar. The meeting in Kampala was also termed to be Kampala process initiated by Museveni who has been part and parcel of problem in south Sudan conflict.

Riek Machar is currently confined in south Africa in what many analysts termed to be conspiracy against the suffering Masses of South Sudan. 

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