Murle armed youth are masivley mobilised to attack Akobo county of Bieh state.

Pibor- Murle armed youth are said to have been massively mobilised by goverment through the help of former deputy minister of defense and veteren affairs and now deputy minister of labour  and public service, David Yauyau and govenor of Buma state Ismeal Konyi  to carry out an attack on Lou Nuer of Akobo county.
Acccording to a source whose name was not revealed due to fear of repercussions told wangdunkon media that some elements within government are arming the Murle youth to attack Akobo as part of government plan to gain more territories in former greater Jonglei.

Akobo county of Bieh state has been under the opposition led by Dr. Riek Machar and its  now the stronghold of the oppossition forces since the onset of December 2013 crisis.

Early this year the government split Lou Nuer area into two States , Bieh and Akobo state.

The govement appointed governors Gony Biliu and Majok Gatluak with help of some elements within Lou Nuer entered Yuai and Waat early this year,  thousands of local populations were displaced and many more died of hunger and diseases after they were driven out of their homes by the govt forces.

Currently, outbreak of cholera has been reported by the local authority in Bieh state, 70 people are said to have died of cholera so far.

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