South Sudan Ambassador to Negeria has stolen 40’000 USD , detained at the airport in Egypt.

Egypt– sources in Egyptian capital Cairo told wangdunkon media this afternoon that South Sudan Ambassador to Nigeria Riak Puok Riak was caught at the airport in Egypt carrying amount of 40,000 US dollar in his briefcase.

The airport security denied him to board a plane to his destination until thorough investigation is fully carried out to find where that huge money comes from. The ambassador was said to be on private mission.

Senior official in ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation in Juba said that the ministry is not aware of Ambassador’s mission and the money he is taking with him.

According to Egypt security  procedures for diplomats, a diplomat is only allowed to carry up to 10,000 US dollar more than that should be accorded with official paper and embassy concern is notified in advance. 

In the airport. The ambassador causes unnecessary noise and arguments with Egyptian security personnel  which let to his detention.

South Sudan Embassy in Cairo says, they are not aware of the amount of the money carried by the ambassador Riak , senior official at the embassy said , an investigation will be followed 

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