Salva Kiir ordered newly graduated joint integrated police to shoot whoever involves in criminal activities in the capital.

Juba– salva kiir who serves as a commander in chief of organized forces has ordered the newly graduated joint integrated police {JIP} to shoot all the criminals who are killing and robbing people in the residential areas in the city.
In his remarks, he said the work of the police is to protect the citizens and their properties from the criminals and to secure the city from the rest of bandits.

The order came as a new measures to mitigate crimes in the capital. 1230 police both from govt and Taban Deng faction were trained for eight month , 190 among the graduants were females.

Salva kiir said,  he is frustrated by the activities of the criminals that have been disturbing the tranquility of the civil population for many years in Juba and across the country, this must be brought to an end he added.

The graduants are tasked to shoot whoever try to rob and attack people at night in Juba.

Outcry from ordinary citizens in Juba city about the activities of the criminals had never been heard , most of the areas in Juba are no go  zone in certain hours because they are not safe at all. Many are urinating inside their houses due to fear.

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