Director of Yambio state hospital Dr. Ismael murdered by unknown gunmen.

Yambio– unknown armed elements stormed the house of Dr. Ismael at night and killed him on spot in Yambio western Equatoria state.

 Dr. Ismael is a Sudanese by nationality, he was married to a South Sudanese citizen wit. children,  and stayed in Yambio for so long 

He served as a director of yambio state hospital  for a quite a long delivering medical care to the local population.
The local authorities in Yambio said, the security organs launched an investigative search to identify the culprits and bring to them to book.

No suspects have been held so far.
South Sudan has been engulfed with insecurity and rampant killing since outbreak of civil war in December 2013. Many innocent citizens lost their lives in the hands of unknown gunmen.

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