National dialogue Co. Chair Angello Beda is being threatened by national security cadres on his recent inclusivity statement. 

Juba– the national dialogue(ND) Co-chair elder Engello Beda is being threatened by some individuals within the national security apparatus, apparently,  he has been shifting positions with numerous contradictions on how national dialogue will be conducted and who will be involved to participate in that process.
Angello spoke in a workshop organised by civil society organisation for implementation of the peace and ND, he declared in his statement previously that, Riek Machar will not be embodied in the process but he can send his delegations go attend the preliminary sessions on ND.

just one days after, he blatantly uttered that all opposition parties including Dr. Riek Machar and Dr. Lam Akol will be consulted and channel of communication will be established so that they will participate in the upcoming national dialogue process. The statement irritated the insiders and Angello was sternly warned to stop issueing statements that involve Riek Machar. he was also scornfully told not to reveal this to anyone or talk to any media.

Lately, Salva Kiir who had appointed himself to be the patron of the ND but was criticized by both civil organisations and various political forces until he relinquished the position and appointed Abel Alier and Angello to preside over the process.

Angello Beda was warned to be consistent and to follow only the recommendations from chairman Salva kiir Mayardiit on who to be involved or consulted.

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