Riek Machar turns down Yoweri Museveni invitation to attend SPLM meeting in Uganda, another plot to eliminate him.

South Africa – South Sudan opposition leader Dr. Riek Machar has turned down the invitation extended to him to attend a meeting on SPLM in Entebbe Uganda organised by Museveni and his counterpart  Salva Kiir Mayardiit. 

Dr. Machar Said, he can’t make it to uganda due to the fact that he is in a solitary confinement in South Africa,  for him to attend that meeting, he needs South Africa’s govt to be notified beforehand to unable him to travel outside.

He also said, due to short notice, he didn’t prepare himself and other delegation to attend the meeting.

Wangdunknon media tried to reach various institutions and individuals within the circle of presidency in  Juba to find out exactly what’s behind the project that invite Machar to Uganda when Museveni participated in elimination of Riek Machar in July last year,  the following points were noted and identified to the key factors 

The meeting was said to have been designed by both Kiir and Museveni to once more lure Riek to come Kampala and deal with him there,  this is another trick to get rid of opposition leader after they subsequently failed to assassinate him in J1 conspiracy in July last year.

Plan to eliminate Machar has been revealed on different angles, Taban Deng Gai and Jieng council of elders embark on bribery mission to east and southern African countries to isolate Riek or kill him in pretext that peace will be achieved in South Sudan.  But the fighting and insecurities are on rise everywhere around country. Massive atrocities are being committed by govt forces and many civilians have fled their homes.  

Riek has been unlawfully detained in SA for almost nine months,  his denial to participate fully in political settlement of South Sudan crisis will never help the country to achieve peace and stability.

The peace agreement had collapsed since July dogfight. International and local actors have been calling Salva Kiir’s govt to resuscitate the agreement and bring this catastrophic situation to an end. Contrary, govt forces have been carrying out atrocities against civilians in greater Equatoria and upper Nile,  displacing them and burning down their houses. 
It’s injustice to the people of South Sudan who are suffering under the current regime led by Salva Kiir and his tribal council the Jieng council of elders (JCE)

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