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Former army Chief forms a new rebellion in Bahr Al Gazal region, threatens to topple the govt.

Aweil-the former Chief of general staff General Paul Malong Awan has clandestinely formed a new rebellion through help of local leaders.  The new group has told wangdunknon media that, the movement was formed to engage the govt and totopple Salva Kiir’s dictatorial regime militarily,  according to one of the senior member of the new group whose name was withheld for security reasons said, currently, the movement is under Brigadier General, he said Malong Will take over once he manages to come out of Juba.
 The movement is being joined on daily basis by new recruits specially from Aweil. He further said that,  Salva kiir has humiliated sons and daughters of Aweil after they vigorously fought to protect the govt from rebel during initial days of crisis in 2013. They sacrificed their precious lives to save him and his goons.  Thousands of Aweil sons joined army as tribal recruits  to rescue the govt in which thousands of them perished in action.

The unlawful removal of Malong from his position as army Chief caused huge outrage, Salva Kiir has forgotten what we have done to protect him and his govt, now he has secured his stay on power and he turned a blind eye to us by removing our only hope for Aweil sons, he narrated.  

He reiterates that the new movement must fulfill it’s obligations by waging a revolutionary war against Juba regime.

He added that their leader Paul Malong has been put to house arrest by the regime.

He is not allowed to step out of Juba due to fear that the whole Bahr Al Gazal region will join him.

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