National minister of health and governor of Eastern Equatoria summoned over the death of 15 children in Eastern Equatoria last week.

Juba- The national Parliament in Juba summoned the national minister of health Dr. Riek Gai kok and the governor of the so called Imotong state Loius Lobong over the demise of 15 children who died due to sepsis secondary to septic procedures in the hands of untrained health workers who carried out vaccination campaign using the same syringe and needle without sterilization process.
The death of those innocent children was condemned by all actors accros the country. The national ministry of health as a custodian of public health in the country was held accountable and blamed for the heinous crimes done intentionally against the innocent children in the country.

Health system in the country has never been perfected since the country gained her independence from the North in 2011.

There is only one referral hospital(Juba Teaching Hospital) in the whole country with sophisticated medical tools and well trained medical practictioners. The people in the rural villages can’t afford to come to Juba to seek medical treatment.

No proper policies outlined to build more health facilities and training institutions to build the capacity of the health workers in the states and rural areas.

The health system indicators in the country are completely rating zero, many outbreaks claimed innocent lives since the onset of war and people are still living in precarious situation accord the country.

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