Paul Malong Left Juba after his removal along with military police commander, situation remains tense in Juba.

Juba-the former chief of general staff Paul Malong Awan was said to have left Juba last night with military convoy carrying soldiers loyal to him, the commander of military police has also joined him with few soldiers.

The convoy was said to be heading toward his hometown Aweil. A source talked to Wangdunkon media this morning confirmed that, some loyalists within the rank of the SPLA are deserting their positions but no clear information
Malong was sacked yesterday evening through a presidential decree on state media. Tension was said to be very high in Juba as his loyalists want to cause havoc in the town.

Paul was accused to be behind the alledged demonstration that took place on Monday in Juba,  Paul Malong with the help of his few loyalists organised the demonstration at the gate of Juba university, they organized and teamed up non students to demonstrate against the govt with slogan that Kiir’s regime has failed the nation.

Paul Malong has been for the last three years built his powerbase by recruiting militias from his hometown, his recruits have been busy killing, raping, carrying out systematic atrocities and looting people’s properties.

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