Paul Malong Awan deposed from his position, General Ajongo replaces him. High tension in Juba

Juba- Chief of staff  General Paul Malong Awan has been removed from position this evening in a presidential decree read on State owned SSBC..
In another presidential decree,  General Ajongo appointed  to him as a new chief of the army.
Malong assumed the military leadership on the eve of crisis in April 2014, he carried put massive mobilization of militias from Bahr All Gazal region.

Malong’s  assumption to military command leadership had caused enormous mess according to multiple reports,  his private forces were behind the 8 July clashes in J1, multiple reports showed that, right after his appointment as army chief, he has become the real power behind the throne in juba 
Tension has been very high in Juba since yesterday according to the some insiders contacted by wangdunkonmedia.

Malong was accused to have been transporting local youth from his home village as a new recruits. Rift between him and salva has been boiling up since July clashes.

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