Security officers harassed peaceful demonstrators in Juba this afternoon, protestors called for kiir to step down.

Juba– the student of higher learning institutions today took to the streets of Juba in a peaceful demonstration with slogans of stop fighting , calling for kiir to step down as his leadership failed the nation.

The protesters were badly beaten by the govt security elements, some students sustained serious injuries and good number of them were said to have been arbitrarily arrested and their detention site isn’t yet known by the family members of the demonstrators.

South Sudan’s economic plight has reached unbearable peak, many people can’t  afford to buy the food, prices of  essential commodities in the market are skyrocketing everyday. Massive killing on highways and fighting is going on across the country 

South Sudanese have give up as the situation is deteriorating each day, many abuses are being committed by govt armed elements to the civilians at gunpoint. Rampant looting of houses at night by unknown gunmen.

 Early last month,  rumors for peaceful demonstration were circulated in Juba,govt immediately reacted by deploying  forces along South Sudan’s capital roads, a move that took people by surprise.

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