SPLA/IO captured Kejokeji from Govt this morning, 14 killed from govt side.

This morning, at around 6:00am, the opposition forces came under attack .   from government, SPLA/IO accused  regime in Juba  of launching aggressive and well-coordinated attacks on the Kuku villages in and around Kajo-Keji and along Juba-Kajo-Keji road. The purpose of the attacks was to loot, destroy and erase these villages. 

Indeed, while intervening to protect the targeted Kuku villages and the civilian population in and around Kajo-Keji, the gallant SPLA-IO forces of Brigade III (3) under the command of Cdr General Lokujo Moses Gabriel engaged the Mathiang Anyor government forces and pursued them towards Kajo-Keji military barrack inside Kajo-Keji town. By 11:00 am, after successfully defeating government forces, the gallant SPLA-IO forces had already taken full and complete control of Kajo-Keji.
According to opposition spokesman William Gatjiath,   the Kajo-Keji fighting, the gallant SPLA-IO forces killed fourteen (14) government soldiers, and captured some twenty-seven (27) newly acquired AKM-47 and 5 PKM in good condition. The gallant SPLA-IO forces also managed to rescue and free from one dirty and inhumane Kajo-Keji prison more than twelve (12) young men and one woman who were arbitrary arrested and were just about to be executed without charge.


Furthermore, the SPLA-IO Division 2B under CDR Major General John Mabieh Gaar captured nine (9) Mathiang Anyor government soldiers alive and they are being held as Prisoners of War (POW) in one of the SPLA-IO bases in the Kajo-Keji area.

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