Late col. James Mayian Tut laid to rest, senior Nuer politicians and officers attended the burial, nobody from Dinka community nor SPLA  chief of general staff representative seen.

Juba -The Late Col.James Wuor Mayen Tut Lam was laid to rest today at Gumbo civilian cemetery.In attendance were Hon Rachel Nyadak,Tut Kew,Dokweah,Hon John Luk, Dr Riek Gai,Hon.Kuong Danhier, Hon Simon Kun,Mr Kech Puoch and Hon Hussein Mar.Gen Johnson Gony, Gen Thomas Duoth Guet,Major Gen Yien Makuac, Brigadier Gatjang Deng,Brig Lul Ruai among other senior and junior army Nuer officers also attended. Our clergymen were Rev Paul Bol and Rev Paul Ruot,the Nuer Congregation pastor-Incharge.In honour of the Late, the government of Imatong State sent their Minister of Physical Infrastructure.

Surprisingly,there was nobody seen from our cousins or the SPLA Army staff command.This officer died in the battle defending the JCE regime in Juba.He felt forward fighting like a beast.The Late Wuor Mayen mistakenly thought he was defending the constitution, sovereignty of the state and territorial integrity of our beloved country where he met his demise.He could have been a martyr.But he died a mere Nuer officer according his masters.The ceremonials for his burial should have been done with a guard of honour and a 21-gun salute by the SPLA Army or State Protocol  like it used to be during Sudan time. During the civil war with the North,Presdident Bashir with his Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff and the SAF command  used to attend the burial and the funeral of any officer killed in action.

He used to do that to comfort the relatives of the matytr and his colleagues in Sudan armed forces that he ,himself commands.This could not bittle him but raised the morale of those fighting for him .Today,the casket of the late Wuor Mayen was carried by three Nuer Lt.Cols.The trumpet was blown by a Murle Warrant officer just because he is our neighbour. 

It is sad that this brave officer (RIP) was not accorded a State burial by the government and the army he died defending.The Chief General Staff,some of his deputies and even the commander- in-chief could have been present.If the schedule is busy,they could have sent a representative.This is telling that the Nuer officers who died on the side of the regime are not held in high regard.In Juba,no respect for the dead who met their fate defending J1 and Bilpaam.The National Prayer of yesterday is  a fiasco .The temperature has increased.That is how the rest of the Nuer officers, NCOS and men will be treated should they die(God forbids)!.

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