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The Revoluntionary Greeting!!

By Domach T.Duoth
Dear comrades!!!
(Option) The Revolutionary Communist under Sudan People Liberation Movement-In Opposition (SPLM/A-IO).
greetings to all fighters for continues caring the liberation working against Benydiit administration (JCE),
I congratulate the men and women in uniforms for the courageous in struggle against the opportunities self-seeking of Juba led regime.
Comrades as we have underscore a numerous heroic class battles, in the last few years against the Jieng Council of Elders administration(JCE) and their puppet foreign mercenaries allay in South Sudan , as well as against international political interest which is prolonging the war in the country.
This year its going to witnessing the opening of a new political phase , the continuous militarization of our Citizens and state of emergency which is deteriorating the security of the workers in the country,its causing political crackdown within Juba.
The good example of it is the undergoing resignations of the differents top Militaries officers and government officials that is taking place now within Government of South Sudan.
As this new era has begin in this time of our revolutionary period, In my personal option that must be the sings of final ending exit of Benydiit administration (JCE).
therefore comrades we must remain committed to the cost of our struggle under SPLM-IO leadership, the house of our enemy its now in fire,as the political earthquake is shaking the Juba government.
Unlikely , the Juba administration and the oppressed gruop are inadequately prepared for these conspiracy as they are implementing treacherous reformist considering JCE as populist to takeover the country administration.
In whatever way, this is has no function but rather than absence of hope, in additional to motivate in raising the moral of our revolutionary leadership.
Finally comrades I urge you to take courage and remains committed to the cost of our struggle as we all know that last days are always hardest days in achieving any certain kind of objective.
Thank for taking your time in reading this revolutionary greeting.
By Cde Domach T.Duoth
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