S. Sudan govt renews crackdown for Peter Gai Manyuon, a senior South Sudanese journalist in Uganda.

Kampala – South Sudan security agents have renewed hunting for Peter Gai Manyuon, a senior South Sudanese journalist and human right defender based in Kampala, Uganda. Also in the list of those wanted is Biel Butrus Biel, the Executive Director for South Sudan Human Rights Society for Advocacy and a senior member of the SPLM in opposition led by former First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny

Gai lately revealed to Wangdunkon Media that his life is once more under immediate threat from South Sudan security operatives sent from Juba again to crack him down and possibly deport him to Juba or do away with his life.

“Well, I can’t abandoned my career because of threats, the more they keep following me the more I will exposes the government of South Sudan. It’s better for the government to leave me alone than following me on monthly basis” Gai said when asked of the situation he is in.

Gai cautioned that “Kiir and his government should desists from following me on monthly basis” continuing that “Eliminating me will not bring to an end corruption, killings, nepotism and tribalism in South Sudan”
It’s not the first time Gai’s life comes under immediate threat from Juba security agents, he has been under constant threat from the said operatives. Last year in October, Gai was in a list of couple of individual South Sudanese national living in Kampala and labeled by the regime in Juba as critical to the government and need to be eliminated.
According to sources, the regime in Juba believes that Gai, together with Dong Samuel Luak whose location remains unknown after having been kidnapped in Nairobi, was involved in the The Sentry Report which exposed the government including indicating that top government officials, ultimately responsible for mass atrocities in South Sudan, have at the same time managed to accumulate fortunes, despite modest government salaries

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