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Exclusive: “We are literally hostage here for one reason or another” A senior govt officials confess

Juba – A senior government officials has revealed to Wangdunkon Media that many government officials are literally hostage in Juba or elsewhere in the Country for one reason or another, no matter where you are from.

This comes as senior government officials resigns one after another in recent weeks with latest being the Deputy Chief of Generals staffs for Logistics, Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirilo Swaka and the Minister of Labour, Public services and human resources development, Hon. Gebriel Duop Lam.

Gen. Cirilo resigned and haven’t associated himself with any group fighting in the Country, but Hon. Duop resigned and reaffirmed his allegiance to the SPLM/SPLA  in Opposition under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

“You know, people are literally hostage here. We are hostage here for one reason or another: Some are here because they are not sure of where to go, and others are here because of the little they get from the government to support themselves and their families” said the officials who strickly ask not to be named.

“There are also those who simply don’t believe that Dr. Riek is serious enough to be followed and free the Country from all this mess and we move to a different level. I fall in this category myself” he explained with frustration signs in his face.

He explained that he was with SPLM-IO for over three years under the leadership of Machar and according to him, “we all saw what happened, the disintegration that followed and the lack of courageous leadership to end the war with decisive wills to fight it all out and overthrow the government when we were strong”

“No one is in Juba here because they seriously believe that there is a responsible government or a strong leadership, no! as I told you we are just stuck in the mess and there seems to be no options other than just sit and see how things go, I am honest with you even Dinka themselves don’t really believe that it’s a government and Kirr is the right leader for them and for the Country”  the officials continued

South Sudan is an illiterates-populated Country with citizens not quite really knowledgeable of their duties and responsibilities when it comes to governance and rule of law in their Country. The matter is also fueled by lack of space for freedom of expression and complete absent of civic education.

No one would expect anything out of the citizens to try and correct their government to be responsible representative and accountable, while abiding to the laws and it’s national integrity and prides.

When Gen. Swaka resigned, he level the Juba goverment as a tribally established goverment with its militias in national uniforms as the national army, pointing out that it’s not a government one should continue to serves.

“President Kiir and his Dinka leadership clique have tactically and systematically transformed the SPLA army into a partisan and tribal army that targets non-Dinka tribes”  Gen. Cirilo said continuing that “I can no longer continue to be part of the ongoing destruction of our beloved country by the same army”