Update: Heavy fighting continue around Yuai in Uror as both sides claims control

Yuai – As sources indicate, one of the heaviest and fierce battle continue around Yuai of Uror County as both the government and the SPLA-IO claims control of the town.

The fighting started on 15th Feb, in the morning hours and lasted in several fronts for the whole day and government troops claims to have moved closer to Yuai town.

Thousand of civilians have been displaced and moved toward Waat as shelling and heavy mortars crisscross the ‘never invaded land’ of Lou Nuer.

The night was spent in silents with youths (White Army) roaring likes lions waiting for the morning to come and do what they call “chasing the uninvited guests away from the Holy Land”

Fighting resumes this morning and ongoing with yet no details available for public consumption.

Wangdunkon Media is monitoring the situation very closely and will keep updating the public

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  1. They will not entered or lasted for long time in the Land of the people Naath…….
    Indeed they will suffer a lots……»»»»»»»»»»
    IO Viva »»»Never give up….
    This is our right to fight for the end…………..
    Lou Nuer Viva »»»»»Will not leave their Land to the Moneys lover ……..
    I’m private officer Bigar……….