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Clarified: Mabior Garang was poisoned with Juice; Jubaeye “drug overdose” report fabricated

Nairobi – A report which has been clarified as fabricated by newly created Juba regime affiliated website, Jubaeye, said Mabior Garang was found in a hotel room in Dar es Salam,  Tanzania  and almost dies from drug overdose.

The report was published on 14th February, 2017 and followed Mabior Garang’s food/Juice poisoning incident on 10th February which he thought in the first place was not a planned incidence.

“I thought I was dying….. much better now” Mabior said on 11th February after regaining strength

“I drank some juice that had something  in it…. quick response saved my life….. I think it was a random incident and nothing sinister behind it” he said.

Though he was too suspicious on malicious activities of Juba agents, Mabior didn’t specifically pointed fingers on Juba over the matter and said “I am not so sure”

three days later, Jubaeye came up with the story of drugs overuse by Garang and with no single accurate source mentioned or quoted in their report. The Hotel name wasn’t mentioned and the hospital has no officials reachable contacts.

“Mabior Garang De mabior is in a critical condition at Dr Mvungi’s Hospital at Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam. He was found unconscious in his hotel room at Kinondoni after indulging too much heroin. The source has said that Mabior has been in drug game in Dar es salaam since 2010. It was a day ago that his heroin usage hit the rebar” Jubaeye reported.

“Mabior Garang De mabior landed in Dar es salaam three days ago on a business trip. Along with him was a Tanzanian lady who hung out with him until yesterday when he was admitted. Nobody knows where the lady is now. The source informed us that prior to the incident, the pair was spotted in a bar near his hotel room sipping beer and smoking cigar” the source continued.

Wangdunkon Media contacted Mabior Garang over the matter and he categorically rubbished the reports and label the Jubaeye journalist as “unethical” clarifying that they downloaded the picture which was use as the basis for fabrication from his Instagram profile.

“These guys because they are not civilized don’t know that it is unethical and illegal to download someone’s pics from their pages without permission. Also, when you write a story of this nature, you must ensure journalistic integrity….. check sources etc” Mabior explained.

“I don’t live in Dar es Salam” Mabior pointed out further to clarify that the report by Jubaeye was concocted and fabricated confirming that he stays in a village which he declined to mention the name.

The alleged hospital where Mabior was taken to was said to be Dr. Mvungi’s Hospital in Dar es Salam. Wangdunkon Media contacted the said hospital on phone and no respond several times. No official website or email address available from the said hospital.

Following the Juice poisoning and after he was rushed to the hospital, Mabior is back to his fitness and his health is at a stable and complete conditions and go about his normal business in his village of temporary residence somewhere around East Africa.