Govt’s attempt to enter Lou Nuer Land thwarted again! SPLA-IO remains locked and loaded

Yuai – Reports reaching Wangdunkon Media from Yuai indicates that a fresh fighting has taken place this morning in the border of Uror and Duk.

The government troops, with information from the recently defected SPLA-IO officer Tut Gol, made a fresh attempt to enter Lou Nuer territory and met a tough resistance from SPLA-IO with prompt reinforcement from the White Army.

The fighting reportedly took place in Jokduel, a place between  Pajut and Pulbowni between Uror and Duk Counties.

Government troops came out in what they started as shelling and advanced toward Pulbowni in numbers in attempts to move closer to Yuai town and possibly take control.

Contrarily, the opposite was achieved by the government as they were defeated back in what was seen as in disarray. SPLA-IO are reportedly still in their position and have not made knee-on-back pursuit of the government troops.

This is one of so many previous failed attempts over the years of conflict and a success for government’s plans has been far from realization.

Situation remains tense and a possibility of fighting in and around that area is imminent

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