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Rights body call on Govt of Kenya &South Sudan govt to release justice Dong Luak and Hon : Aggrey Idri.

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Kampala: The South Sudanese Civil Society Organizations Network in Diaspora, International Youth for Africa (IYA) and Good Hearted Orphans Disabled Organization (GODO) has called on Government of Kenya (GoK and Government of South Sudan(GoSS) to released Justice Dong Luak and Hon: Aggrey Idri.  He was being missing since yesterday around 9:00 pm on his way back home yesterday in Nairobi, Kenya on the other hand Hon: Aggrey Idri disappear today around 10: AM.  Rights body say Luak and Aggrey could be killed, prosecuted or subjected to different forms of abuses while in the hands of the both governments. Lawyer, Dong and Aggrey has right to life, freedom of expression and freedom and security.  

On 3rd November 2016, James Gatdet Dak was deported by Kenyan Government in collaboration with South Sudan Government and therefore, the Kenyan Government must respect the International Human Law and Humanitarian Law.  it is unfortunate that Kenya has betrayed the international human rights who believes that Kenya was his second home, to South Sudanese people and a place he would run to become immigrant. Of all the religions in the world, perhaps the religion of liberty is the only faith capable of purity. 

The right body urge other rights body like Amnesty International, Internationally Known Human Rights Organizations, Lawyers Committee for Human Right, Human Right Watch, East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project, Human Rights Network Uganda, Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria, South Africa, Solidarity and Advocacy of Vulnerable Individuals in Crisis, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, and United Nations Foundation to carryout serious investigation on Kenyan Government due to violations of human rights by Kenyan authorities in Africa. 

Kenyan is a society where everybody will have to isolated due to it roughness on human beings according to the statistics. Why Kenya behave like young country. Kenya and South Sudan must respect the International Laws and International Human Rights on people in Africa. The two men must be released by Kenyan authorises in order to for them to comply with human rights systems. 

“Man, must be able to think freely and he must be able to express his thoughts freely! He who is against this is not only fascist and primitive but at the same time is a very great coward also! Only the brave and the honourable men are never afraid of freedom of thought and freedom of expression of ideas! Just like the cockroaches do not like the light, evil minds also do not like the freedom of thoughts!” 

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