Akobo and Boma state governors removed and new ones appointed in a presidential decree this evening.

Juba : The newly created Akobo state governor Gabriel Gai Riam who was appointed on Monday was removed this evening in a  presidential decree read on state run  SSBC.

There was no reason given prior to his dismissal.

Gai was appointed while in Nairobi, early today, he landed in Juba international airport and received at the airport by number of state officials and escorted to hotel where he gets accommodated.

Lt General Johnson Gony  Biliu appointed as  state governor.

General Biliu was a sector commander of greater upper Nile. 

 In a separate development, Boma state governor  Baba medan relieved and Ismeal Konyi repleces him.

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  1. what an a shame president working out of planning, appointing and removing selected gov’t employees with in two days time, that could reflect to south Sudanese in general as the ways we behave all when we evaluated by brain full people or they could term us as trauma people because the president behave in that ways while he has so many advisers and so many laws makers and they don’t correct him and then we will concluded that all of us we south Sudanese are stupid except those who rebel against him should be determined better than those in the government, please take this note