Kiir dismisses governors and  appointed new governors of newly created states.

Juba :president kiir has this evening issued another presidential decree removing the governor of Gbudue state Patrick Rapheal Zamoi, Chol Balok of central Upper Nile state, 

He also issued another Presidential decree appointing Gai Riam Weituor Governor of  newly created Akobo state, Majok Gatluak thoah governor of Bieh State,peter Gatkuoth Khor governor of Latjor state. 

Bol Ruai Rom governor of Maiwut state.

James Tor Monybuny governor of central upper Nile state.

Deng Akuei appointed as a governor of Northern upper Nile state.

Patrick Rapheal Zamoi appointed as a governor of Tombura.

Thiega Da Duot appointed as a governor of Ruweng state.
 Salva kiir over the weekend has issued a president decree, creating more States, that brings total of States to 32.

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