Taban’s IO faction in Juba to appoint 4 new governors. 

Juba – The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition faction of Gen. Taban Deng Gai in Juba is set to appoint new governors for the newly created,  or rather divided states of Bieh and Latjor.

Gen. Bol Koang Nguth and Peter Lam Both,  the respective governors of the above mentioned states have been relieved from their positions and the two states have been divided. 

Latjor is divided into Nasir/Latjor and Maiwut States, with Nasir and Ulang Counties forming one states of Latjor for Gajiok sub clan, Maiwut and Mathiang Counties of Gajaak sub clan becomes one as Maiwut States. 

Meanwhile in Bieh, the division has been done in a way that it break apart the united community of Lou into Mor and Gon Sub clans, with Akobo and Wurol (name driven from Wuror and Nyirol) as their new respective states. 

A very confidential source told Wangdunkon Media that Gen. Taban Deng Gai will now appoint the four new governors representing IO in accordance with the peace agreement, ARCISS. 

However, the source was not so sure about about the other newly created states governors appointment, but it’s believed that IO of Gen. Taban may likely be given the chance to appoint even more. 

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  1. that policy of divided and rule will not help even if you divided up to boma level peace will not returned to south Sudan only committment to peaceful mean, Lou will not accept that fake division made by illegitimate president salva and with out involving all south sudan leaders including machar peace will not prevail in south sudan