Indian contigent of UNMISS in Nasir accused of supporting government troops in coordinating fighting.

Nasir – The SPLM-IO has accused UNMISS contigent in Nasir of collaborating with government troops in coordinating the recent and ongoing clashes in and around Nasir.

In a press release imparted to Wangdunkon Media, Col. William Gatjiath Deng, SPLA-IO spokesman said “the UNMISS continent of Indian [troops] in Nasir is collapsing with Juba regime by allowing government security agent unlimited access to UNMISS facilitie”

He said the UNMISS continent in Nasir has help government troops with surveillance supports by locating SPLA-IO troops locations and estimated numbers and weaponry. 

He also said goverment security agent have unlimited access to internet, telescope and other communications equipments and facilities.

India has above 8,000 troops deployed in South Sudan under UNMISS and lost about seven soldiers since then including Lt. Col. Mahipal Sigh in the service in South Sudan 

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