Salva kiir created more States, governors deposed from their positions. 

Juba- president salva kiir has issued another decree  creating more state to existing 28 States he unilaterally created in establishment order 36 in 2015.
The decree brought the number of States to 36 states.

The following are the new state names and their capitals.

1. Central Nile state -capital-Malakal
2-Northern Nile state-capital -Renk

3-Latjor state-capital-Nasir

4-Maiwut state-capital-Maiwut

5-nyirol state -capital-Waat

6-Akobo State-capital -Akobo

7-Tomboria State-capital- Tombura 

8-Mundaria State-capital-Mundari

The governor of Bieh state, fangak state and Latjor state have been removed from their positions.

No appointment decreed yet for the new States. 

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  1. the issue is not the matter of more states to be created, the matter is the caused of fighting in 2013 leaved many innocents people dead with out any reasons, even if mr kiir created many more states upto boma level to be state could not solve the problem, the true peace should come after when we allow to dig out the 2013 and 2016 mass killing carried out by wrong elements from kiir tribe and in fact with out that, there is no peace in south Sudan, the true and pure Nuer will not surrender until the ending of the world this is the fact tells.