42 government soldiers killed in ambush by SPLA/IO around Morobo county.

According to the SPLA/IO military spokesman William Gatjiath, government sent a reinforcements to attack  the position of opposition forces in Morobo county which the opposition captured few days ago, the advanced forces were intercepted by opposition intelligents and ambushed by the SPLA/IO  gallant forces under command of CDR Major General Babiek Gaar of Division two , sector 8 

42 government soldiers perished , three military vehicles mounted with 12.7 were destroyed, one wolit also was destroyed.

In a separate development,  the SPLA/IO accused government of planning to  attack positions of the opposition in greater upper Nile region. 

The SPLA/IO is monitoring the moves of the govt forces and ready to confront them he added. 

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  1. national armies in south sudan are like flies, they are dying for no reason while they don’t what are they fighting for, are they fight for food or south sudan protection what are they protecting for?