Two people killed by unidentified armed men along Juba- Nimule road.

Nimule:  two people were reported to have been killed by unknown gunmen along Juba -Nimule road in Eastern Equatoria state.

Their bodies were taken to Juba for burial.

Nimule highway has been the scene of killing since last year, many civilians perished in the hands of unknown gunmen.

Many private and business vehicles were burned and commodities looted by the armed men.

The road is the only link that serves as a lifeline to the people in Juba to bring commodities and other essential goods.

Many local and foreign traders have lost their lives while doing business along Juba -Nimule road since last year.

Early last year, both govt of South Sudan and Uganda agreed to set up a joint security forces to patrol the highway and  escort the business men and ordinary civilians from both countries.



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