“Machar is parked in South Africa like a vehicle without wheels” Said Gen. Taban Deng,  

Juba – In a continued fight for Gen. Taban Deng Gai to cement his leadership foundation and his perceived rising to the throne, he never misses mocking Machar in public gathering to try and prove to the people that he is better than Machar.

Recently in Juba, Taban told a gathering that he is no longer worried about Machar and that the guy is not coming back. 

“He is parked in South Africa like a car without wheels [ and can not move anywhere]” He mockingly told the public. 

He added that greedy and trouble makers have no place in this Country, continuing that if they need to comes back,  they must get rid of their troubling making behaviour and return to the Country as ordinary citizens; refering to Machar.

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  1. Taban seems to be having a heap of trouble worrying about what he refers to as a “parked car without wheels” Whether the car is parked or in motion, Taban’s no longer representing that car. What has he done for south sudan peace beside creating more confusions and obstructing the car’s road to peace since he abandon the car.