Government Plans to enter SPLA-IO HQs Pagak and Nasir from Ethiopia’s Gambella region.

Juba – A confidential source within the government of Latjor State, one of Kirr’s 28 controversial states,  has revealed to Wangdunkon Media that they are in a plan to enter Pagak anytime soon and also liberate the whole of Nasir.

“You know it’s a secret and a plan in progress and we hope to Liberate Latjor fully and as soon as possible, even within this month” a confidential source who ask strictly not to be named revealed.

He further explains that a high level team of almost the entire government of Latjor States leaves for Gambella with the purpose of assessing possibilities and closely follow the situation from there. 

The team let by the Governor of the states, Mr. Peter Lam Both and almost all the ministers and the advisors were set to leave for Gambella in a fully funded one month mission starting from the 5th of this month. 

However a source from Mandeng, the Headquarter of the same State under the IO administration revealed to Wangdunkon Media that they are aware of every moves they [traitors as he angerly called them] are doing. He further said their intelligence are in no-sleeping mission to make sure that nothing threaten their areas. 

Recently, fighting intensify around Nasir and analyzes says the government is trying to divert the attention of SPLA-IO to focus more on Nasir while the actual mission is in progress.

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  1. That’s a day light dream. Pagak is well protected by SPLA IO forces. If you thinks you can enter there, you are digging your grape. I mean every word I said.


  2. Mr governor what do you want from fagak, better staying in juba rather claiming you are going to pagak,there is proverb in nuer said don’t advice person from his going you advice him/her for his coming back.


  3. Jaang have not learnt since the 80th in that area of Pagaak.
    Pagaak they might reach by air and on land but not many will go back alive.
    Stepping into Gajaak territory in war mode is not like a walk in a park.