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 Blood is thicker than water. 

By Pal Chol Nyan

On Tuesday, the 3rd Instant ,the President of the Republic Gen salva Kiir Mayardit took a bold decision by appointing his brother in-law as the Governor of Gogrial State.

The appointment was recieved and greeted with mixed reactions and disappointments.Most of the people I talked to,say that it is a sheer nepotism and favouritism on the part of the President. I beg to differ and disagree with them.I could have done the same because that is what African politics teach us.

M7 appointed his wife Janet as a Minister and those who questioned his decisions are on the streets of Kampala.

Why all this noise? Let the President work.The dice is cast.I have come to the conclusion that those whom this appointment does not augur well with,should pack their bags.No way!. He promoted his elder son to the rank of a Genreal incharge of his own protection.President Kiir is and will continue to be right before all courts of Africa where the judges are their appointees.Many of my friends,most of them are from the area, with whom we had an informal discussion on the issue with our coffee on the table say ,it was not a fair decision per se.I hit the table to draw their attention to the fact that is how it is in Africa unless you are in a different world.They cited glaring lack of academic qualifications and political clout to warrant his appointment.I told them once u do rituals at J1 or connected by blood to the superiors, nothing can stand in your way. It is a pseudo-continental democracy  which is not subject for negotiation or question because it ends up bloody.

Anybody with a clear conscience like me would just apologise and thank His Excellency, the President for the trust which did not come at the right time.The unfolding situation may explain your exccuses, be they lame or authentic.

The newly appointed Governor was once a Commissioner and his tenure was a hell on earth and worst than the African dictators. He was always the law and the  vice-versa.Even while serving in the army as a senior army officer,he used to have shaky relationship with his colleagues.There are instances when the laws do not follow the right course.

He should not ,like any other liberator turned politician, be presumed decent as it used to be the case during the liberation struggle.
As a former red army soldier,Late  Dr John central reserve force, I am aware that the liberators,without exception,are birds of the same feathers.They are notorious for being brutal and an experts in corruption. Public coffers should not be expected to remain safe in their watch. 

Highly placed sources provided two versions on the appointment ;either the President has been persuaded by his right hand men to keep this man away as their interests are being blocked by his presence or others may have a hidden agenda that once he is appointed,they will be financially stable given the economic insurgency now raging on.

I hopethe Governor  won’t let down his in-law who made the decision from the bottom of his heart. Well,his appointment is as understandable as it is not feasible. The purpose always for one to be appointed is to deliver services to the people in the forms of providing health, education, running water in their houses,roads without potholes;electricity.

That is all they need.They don’t need  cash money.It is there that you leave a legacy when you die as a good person.They will say you only departed as good people don’t die. Many people now die and their legacies are that they fought in so and so battles.That is not a legacy. Build a health centre and school in ur area.Now , die and see in the grave if we shall not talk of your legacies.

If you can see many of our Governors, I am saying this..standing tall reservedly, in defence of the President, since taking office have never set foot in their StatesHeadquarters. They are  leading a lavish and luxurious lives in the most expensive hotels in Juba.The public funds which should have been earmarked for developmental projects end up in the pockets of the fighters,who by luck or allegiance became Governors. They have become masters and abusing the emergency laws with little do they know that the owls around the President are seeing them.The wealth they create at the expense of the ordinary people of South Sudan are just things of the world. I believe and others do that, no matter how much wealth and power you dishonestly acquire and own ,as mortals,they will remain behind.Gaddafi was eating with a golden spoon,ask the ghosts if they speak to tell you whether or not he has it in his hand now in the grave. It should be whispered in the ear of the President that his disciples are not working. 

Those who get rich are those who gave up the ghost.If you are alive,you will not become affluent;because the more you have,the greediest you become.This is a gospel truth.The President appointed people because he either trusts that they will carry out their duties diligently or somebody may have recommended you to him.All in all,the goal is to go and deliver unless my memory does not serve me well.

The President must appoint his relatives to protect him and because charity begins at home,goes an English adage.What boggles one’s mind is that,time and again,he orders the Governors to go to their States to do their obligations;service delivery, but they turn a deaf ear;I think the President has a good heart or else he should fire all of them.

 The appointments are correct for what they are; allegiance to the ruling SPLM OYEE party and the oath the appointees took to die defending J1 with all their might. Happy New to you all and may this year ushers in a new hope for peace, stability and reconciliation, forgiveness and harmony among the  people of South Sudan.

The Writer is a concerned and disaffected citizen reacheable at