37 confirmed dead and different type of weapons captured from yesterday fighting in Upper Nile.

PAGAK: fighting erupted yesterday at Amara at 8AM local time in Northern upper nile after militias loyal to Dr. lam Akol attacked the position SPLA/IO military base .

According to the SPLA/IO spokesman, Gatjiath, he said the military attack was repulsed and run in disarray,  37 dead bodies from forces loyal to Dr. Lam Akol were confirmed dead.

SPLA/IO has refuted the claim fabricated by the government of Juba that Johnson Olony  forces were crashed, Olony  is a sector commander under leadership of Dr. Riek Machar, the militias were not fighting Olony but SPLA/IO. 

Different types weapons were captured according to opposition senior military official.

Followings are the number of weapons capture.

1 zuu 37

2 recoils and 1 tank(wolit) and many more light weapons.

The SPLA/IO has accused Dr. Lam Akol of conniving with Juba regime to frustrate IO national agenda.

Lam has been recruiting militias to engage the opposition through help from the government of Sudan.

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