27 government soldiers perished in Torit clashes.

Torit: fighting broke out yesterday between govt forces and the opposition forces. 

A village at the suburb of Torit was overrun according to opposition official.

SPLA/IO military spokesman William Gatjiath said, 27 government soldiers were killed in action and dozens were wounded.

1 mounted military  cruiser pick up was destroyed.

The attackers were badly defeated by IO forces under command of General  Ohiti, the Imotong division commander.

The government security forces are accused of killing civilians, looting, burning down of tukuls and destroying properties of the civilians.

Massive killing has been going on in greater Equatoria since the eruption of violence in July last year.

Looming genocide has been reported through several media outlets, thousands of civil populations have crossed borders for the search of security and protection.

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